[Testimonial] Skin lesion reduction

It’s always great to see the effectiveness of a product you believe in, and we are excited to share a testimonial we received from our New Zealand resellers. This reduction of a skin lesion was achieved in only 6 sessions! Should you also struggle with abnormal skin growth, or would just like to improve your

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[Promotion] Create awareness about your Ozone Clinic under 10 000 people!

Back by popular demand, we’ll advertise your clinic to at least 10 000 targeted people on Social Media. When you buy Salvagente’s Ozone Sauna Package this September for only R60 000, you will benefit from additional exposure to help boost your business. Our professional designers will assist to make your ad look beautiful, and Salvagente will pay the bill

Even non-clients are happy with our service

THIS is WHY we do what we do; to preserve life is more than just creating world class products, more than just making money, more than just seeing results. It’s the things we will never experience as a company; the memories and fulfilment it brings to the families of people affected by disease. We were

[WARNING] Ozone Sauna owners Beware of service and repair jobs!

Here at Salvagente we don’t just sell ozone saunas, we offer complete peace of mind whether you are in need of marketing support for your clinic, questions on specific diseases and even to keep you informed. This article is again a stark warning to any and all owners of ozone steam saunas. It came to

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[FAQ] How Does Ozone Work

We often get asked the question how does ozone work in your body, specifically through the ozone steam sauna. We have decided to share this excerpt from Dr Velio Bocci’s book which is based on scientific research. This research also brings to light that the previous notion of ozone entering the body through open pores

[Warning/Waarskuwing] Fraudulent Ozone Sauna Seller – Zagrys Pieterse

This is a public industry warning, and anyone looking to purchase an ozone sauna should read this first. ____________________________________________________________________ [UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2014] Although we were able to assist many clients in receiving the correct saunas, training and support which was sold by Zagrys Andries Pieterse, there are still clients affected and which has not received their

Tea Time InfoGraphic

Like cat and dog lovers, society is split in half when it comes to the preferred hot beverage to consume, each side promoting the health benefits of their chosen drink. In reality, whether you prefer coffee or tea, both have their benefits. The biggest thing is moderate consuming, as both drinks contain caffeine. Yes you

A Closer look at Shoulder Pain [InfoGraphic]

Us mere mortals are plagued by illness and bodily pain, and it only increases as we get older. Many times we don’t have any idea why a body part is painful, and when it comes to bones we are especially un-educated. We decided to share this infographic about shoulder pain to create more awareness regarding

More Happy Clients [Testimonial]

We pride ourselves on fast, friendly and efficient service, but above all on providing you with value. This is what a customer had to say to us on 2 separate occasions after asking if everything was satisfactory to her needs: “Yes absolutely perfect. Thanks again.” AND “Thanks so much you are a star.” – Mandy

Practical Ways to Maintain your Health in 12 Areas of your Body

Once a man can catch his own fish instead of relying on others to provide him with a fish, empowerment happens. This is what we hope to achieve through this infographic by Licensed Practical Nurse. We hope this practical guide will empower you to stay healthy and be preventative, and if something does go wrong