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How to improve your sleep with technology

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In today’s modern world, we have various different technological advancements that help us in our daily lives. There’s practically a technological solution for every one of our problems, and there is no denying that technology has made our lives easier for the most part.

One area where technology is particularly helpful is our sleep. This article and infographic look at how exactly technology is being used for improving the quality of sleep and sleeping patterns, and why we need sleep in the first place.  

Why Is Sleep Important?

Humans need sleep, this is a well-known fact. It’s often stated that we need 8 hours of sleep per day to function properly. Whilst everyone knows this fact, why do we actually need sleep?

Sleep is an important process that allows our body to rest and repair. During this process, our body actually performs a variety of functions such as cell repair, consolidation of memories, neural exercise, and chemical replacement. Furthermore, sleep also gives our cardiovascular system a chance to recover and our muscles to repair. That’s why sleep deprivation is so harmful to our body.

As you can see, sleep is not just a function that allows us to dream, but helps our body to rejuvenate! This is why it’s so important, and why using technology to help you sleep better is something to consider.

How Can Technology Help You Drift Off?

Whilst it’s always advisable to try and sleep naturally and without any aid, if you struggle to gain a peaceful night’s sleep, the following are some technological methods that could help:

  • Low blue nightlightsBlue light actually suppresses a chemical hormone called melatonin, which keeps your brain alert. There are numerous different blue light filters and devices that help reduce the amount of blue light we see, and thus allow our brain to relax and sleep. Mobile phones, for example, emit blue light and this is why it’s a bad idea to use your phone before sleep.
  • Orthopaedic mattresses – If you’re having trouble sleeping, it might be due to physical discomfort that you aren’t even aware of. People go for years without realizing that their back is under constant pressure and pain from a mattress that isn’t able to support it correctly. These days, there are many top rated mattress brands that are designed to hold your spine in an anatomically correct position, allowing your muscles to relax and keeping your back healthy.
  • Sleep managers – Although not a direct piece of technology that helps you sleep, sleep managers can help you analyze your sleep patterns and try to improve your sleeping conditions. Apps, such as Sleeptracker, have been developed to analyze how you sleep. They look at how long it takes for you to get to sleep, how many hours you have been in deep sleep, and other interesting facts. You can use these figures to improve your sleeping pattern.

These are just a few examples of sleep technology, and as you will see in the infographic below, there are many more useful devices and apps. If you struggle to sleep, then fear not – there is always a way, and these technologies could be the answer to your problems.

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Louise PyperHow to improve your sleep with technology

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