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[Infographic] The Importance of Protein

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Most of us think that a high protein diet is exclusively for individuals with active lifestyles. That is very far from the truth.

Yes, people who exercise regularly should consume more protein to help their bodies rebuild damaged tissue during prolonged or intense exercise, but even couch potatoes need protein. Check out the infographic below to calculate how much protein you need.

So why is protein so important? Well, in a nutshell, it produces energy. Protein takes longer to digest and helps to prolong the delivery of energy throughout the day. It also reduces cravings, which in turn assists in weight loss.

Other than energy and weight loss, consuming protein can also help reduce appetite and hunger levels, increase muscle strength & mass, improve bones strength, lower blood pressure and helps your body repair itself after injury which can be a saving grace in your golden years.

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Louise Pyper[Infographic] The Importance of Protein

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