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The health benefits of sleeping with your dog


If you have a dog you likely know that sleeping with your dog can provide comfort and a feeling of safety. However, did you know that there are actual physical benefits to sleeping with your pup?

Many studies have been done regarding sleeping with your dog. One found that being in the presence of our furry friends can help increase the flow of oxytocin, the love chemical. This is the same chemical that treats depression! 

Oxytocin also promotes theta brainwaves, which is the type of brainwaves found in the deepest stage of sleep. This means that not only are you likely to fall asleep faster when you’re sleeping with your pup but you are likely to experience deeper, more restful sleep.

Sleeping in the same bed with your dog is also shown to promote a healthy heart. Studies show that touching a dog led to lower blood pressure readings — this doesn’t stop when you’re sleeping! 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the below infographic from Casper where they outline many different benefits of co-sleeping with your dog.

To help further a better night’s rest, opt for ozone therapy. Ozone increases the oxygen in your blood which improves blood circulation, increase cellular respiration and relieves stress. Ozone has over 100 health benefits. A few of these benefits include; fight anxiety, stress and depression, increase brain activity, combat fatigue and neutralise toxins and impurities in your body.

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Louise PyperThe health benefits of sleeping with your dog

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