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[Infographic] Health benefits of sleeping nude

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Sleeping naked is not a topic most gently-bred people would want to discuss about. Imagine the hysteria of even mentioning it in front of your grandma? But little do people know about the benefits that come with something as simple and effortless as removing your clothes!

Truth be told, the benefits of sleeping in the nude aren’t a myth but science. It has proven to have both physical and psychological benefits. For starters, it turns out that it is one of the easiest ways to lose weight, so you might as well cut short on your gym sessions!

Psychologically, you’d start feeling more relaxed and content with life in general. This is because it has a direct relationship with reducing stress levels. The skin to skin contact will also make you immediately feel closer to your husband/ wife. Hence, a happier life.

There’s more to sleeping naked than what a few words can say. Which is why Snore Mentor has put together an infographic on 13 Why You Should Sleep Naked. Educate yourself and those around you as these are few of the life’s precious benefits that can easily be reaped.

Ozone therapy can also help in lowering your stress, anxiety, aid in a more peaceful sleep and prevent sleep deprivation. Ozone increases oxygen levels in the body and boosts your immune system. It also helps prevent and treat skin disorders, increase energy levels and helps combat fatigue.

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Louise Pyper[Infographic] Health benefits of sleeping nude

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