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[Infographic] Indoor plants and your health

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Sprucing up your home and office can be done in a variety of ways, from new paintings to cushy blankets and sofas. But what if you could bring in some decor that not only looks beautiful, but improves the health of the air around it? Low maintenance indoor plants are a great option for the home or office, as they don’t require much sunlight or water to stay healthy and thriving no matter where you are located.

While some indoor plants require a lot of upkeep to thrive, these low maintenance plants can be kept alive by those with the blackest of thumbs, and they are beautiful to look at too. The folks at The Zebra have complied a list of the easiest plants for each room of your house and office, so you can bring all the great benefits of nature indoors. In fact, did you know that plants boost employee happiness levels and productivity in the office?

So get started on beautifying your space and improving the day to day lives of your employees by taking a look at Zebra’s breakdown of the best, easy to care for plants for every room of your home or office in the infographic below. And make sure to stay up to date with your home insurance to protect your new indoor jungle from a variety of dangers that may come your way.

Louise Pyper[Infographic] Indoor plants and your health

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