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[Infographic] Marijuana Pros & Cons for your Health

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The unending battle between marijuana and legalisation wages on to this day, and it seems like the end is still far off. Last year, we saw great developments in marijuana legalisation thanks to the Cannabis Act that was passed in Canada. We saw the first G7 country fully embracing the recreational and medicinal variations of marijuana.

In the US, the state of marijuana is still rather confusing as each state has its own specific regulations. At the moment, 11 states have legalised both variants of the plant for recreational and medicinal use. Some of these states include Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, and Colorado.

On the other hand, 33 states allow medicinal marijuana only. The rest of the states have banned both variants.

Despite the current state, both users and growers remain optimistic about the US marijuana industry. There are already lots of farmers bracing their lands for marijuana planting. On the retail end, brands are readying themselves for the inevitable boom.

In time, we could even have federal legalisation of one or both variants. One of the reasons why support is growing in Congress, and especially in the masses, is that there is an increasing number of studies devoted to disclosing the benefits of marijuana.

Thanks to these studies, more people have opened their minds about the potential of marijuana when it comes to treating mental and physical conditions. Of course, the support for the plant will grow even larger as there are valuable studies are being lined up.

Aside from these scientific studies, industry research also continues to encourage more and more people to give up the stigma surrounding marijuana. Still, this is not to say marijuana has no side effects.

With that in mind, we present a comprehensive infographic on marijuana’s journey throughout the years. You will be surprised to see some amazing stats and facts you weren’t aware of. What’s more, the infographic is created in an easy to digest manner, inviting you to read the entire piece.

Without further ado, let’s check it out.

Louise Pyper[Infographic] Marijuana Pros & Cons for your Health

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