3ply Surgical masks and KN 95 respirators

Masks used during COVID-19 (Corona Virus outbreak). 3-ply disposable surgical masks with ear loops and KN95 FFP2 health respirator/masks available. We are only supplying bulk orders of 50 000 pieces minimum at the moment. Limited supply available and prices fluctuate daily. Please enquire below for quotations.

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    KN95 respirator medical masks come with Chinese Government certificates.

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Masks Frequently Asked Questions:

There is a difference between disposable 3ply, medical/surgical 3ply and sterile 3ply masks. Disposable 3ply only has 90 grade melt-blown fabric, whereas medical/surgical has 99 grade melt-blown fabric. Sterile 3ply masks are surgical masks manufactured and packaged individually in sterile environments. This adds to the cost. This is the differences between N95, KN95 and FFP2 masks/respirators:
Landed stock: Stock on hand is generally more expensive due to in most instances it being financed up front (cost of finance), risk taken (insurances etc as it's a high risk commodity at this point in time) and warehousing costs involved. Other factors such as when it was purchased and method of shipment also plays their parts. Dedicated stock: To order many of the above factors are eliminated and the prices of the masks can come down, often times significantly.
Salvagente tailors each deal to the individual client's needs. Should you require the surgical masks immediately, that's possible but at higher costs. We have numerous options for masks that's back-ordered, from dedicated 30ton - 100ton charter flights (2 days) to normal commercial airfreight (6 days) and sea freight options from 22-90 days. The above times are when finished goods are loaded. The longer one waits to receive the KN95 masks the more affordable it gets.
Our prices for stock to order is not fixed, because we try to get the best deal for each client. On large volumes these transactions are tailored. If the stock is already in the country, all the risks have been factored in and the price can be quoted as fixed. On stock to order, although you can get a much better price, there are many factors to take into consideration. Some of these factors that influence prices are; factory capacity & manufacturing input costs, factories used, exchange rates, export legislation changes, international money transfer rates & fees, shipping method used, availability of freight capacity, insurances, import duties & VAT, warehousing, security and transport. Most of these factors are fluctuating hourly and influencing pricing, hence making it extremely difficult to commit to lower end ranges in quotes.
We can only deal with the end buyer for numerous reasons: 1. Stock availability is volatile and decisions/transactions happen on the spot, no time for going back to your buyer who needs to speak to his buyer etc. When you enquire again the stock and pricing would have changed. 2. If there's numerous people that have to be paid, the time it takes for transfers to happen from one party to the next to the next takes too long. When you then place the order the pricing would have changed and you might loose money. 3. If you are not geared to receive large amounts of money in your bank account, the banks might freeze it for a couple of days. 4. Many people enquiring as middlemen are individuals and not businesses. Should you receive any large sums, you are liable for 45% tax in your personal capacity, irrespective if 99% of the funds are being paid out again.
All our 3ply disposable, surgical, sterile, KN95 and N95 masks are sold with all relevant certifications. We use numerous factories and your order might come from different ones, depending on volumes and manufacturing capacity. All certifications relevant to your surgical masks will be provided. We also have agents on the ground in China doing inspections BEFORE stock is shipped. Here's some of our certifications:  
We supply quality products. As in the below videos one can see the environment in which the surgical and KN95 respirator masks we sell are being manufactured in. Clean, hygienic, with all staff wearing clothing in surgical manners. None of the factories uses child labour.

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