Ozone Health and Beauty Products

The range of ozone health and beauty products will leave you looking and feeling good.

Ozone Soap

Ozone plain glycerine soap

R29.00 *

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Ozone moisturizing soap

R34.00 *

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Ozone exfoliating soap

R36.00 *

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  • General cleaning
  • Helps fight body odor
  • Treatment for wounds, scars and stretch marks
  • Improving tissue oxygenation, rejuvenating the skin
  • Improving cellular metabolism and blood circulation

Ozone Olive Oil Gel

R290.00 *

R175.00 *

R105.00 *

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  • Topical application to aid in the healing of cuts, wounds, burns, ulcers, lesions and infections.
  • In massage, the ozone within the gel penetrates the skin and oxidizes lactic acid and other toxins that may be present, alleviating skin problems, soreness and pain.

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