Ozone Rectal/Vaginal/Ear Insufflation Kit

The ozone insufflation kit can be used for rectal, vaginal or ear insufflation, and the components provided are of highest quality and suited for medical applications of ozone.

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Benefits & Features

  • Uses and Benefits

    Insufflation is not new, but it’s rising in prominence as more people are looking into portable ozone saunas / solutions. This method of administering ozone is not just convenient, but also highly effective. The body can absorb over 80% of ozone through insufflation, over 20 times more than other methods, but care must be taken to limit the dosage of ozone administered using this method. Another benefit of ozone rectal insufflation is that it targets the intestines directly, being injected in close vicinity of mayor organs like liver, kidneys, stomach, bowel, colon etc.

  • What’s included

  • 500mg/h Medical grade (stainless steel and glass only) built in ozonator in custom sturdy fiberglass case
  • Easy connection to external oxygen sources
  • 1 x Re-usable ozone resistant insufflation bag
  • 5 x Ozone resistant Catheters
  • 5 x Large bags for bagging
  • 2 x Cup for performing cupping
  • 2 x Air stones for purifying water
  • Ozone resistant stethoscope for ear insufflations
  • Box of Surgical gloves
  • Water Spray bottle
  • Additional Silicon tubing
  • Compact, sturdy and professional looking carry case for peripheral equipment
  • Important additions

    It’s strongly recommended that an external source of pure oxygen be used when doing insufflation. This can be in the form of medical oxygen cylinders (in which case a regulator is also needed) or medical oxygen concentrators as available under custom options on the order form.

  • Extra uses

  • The kit does not only provide insufflation capabilities, but also cupping options to target certain areas of the body with concentrations of ozone. This is perfect for external conditions such as rashes, bites, bruises, sore muscles etc.
  • Because this is a portable ozone treatment, you can also use the included air stones and built-in ozonator to purify drinking water when away from home.
  • Wound bagging / cupping can also be performed by this kit. Whether you are treating a wound after surgery, severe diabetes on an infected limb or an isolated blemish spot, this kit has the equipment you need.
  • You can purify air in unoccupied rooms.
  • Ozone Insufflation

    This is the complete professional and portable ozone insufflation kit with all equipment as indicated.

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