Why theBooking.site?

theBooking.site is an enterprise level booking system and marketplace for all clinics, spas and salons. Whether you are a single owner-therapist business or a multi location spa group, theBooking.site adds a professional, legal, accounting and medical layer to your operations.

Clients keep control of their health and their information, and data is easily shared with any outlet when making a hassle free booking on the system.

Benefits for all Clinics, Spas & Salons

  • Have an Enterprise Level Booking system without any up front or monthly charges, pay only small commissions when you receive paid bookings. No bookings, NO fees.
  • Book & Manage bookings for your clients as well as thousands of other potential clients on the marketplace.
  • Effortlessly manage multiple rooms, equipment & therapists and never have double bookings again.
  • Be able to accept online and card payments; those merchant bank fees are already included in the commissions.
  • Receive your money when the booking is made, not only after the session; this reduces cancellations.
  • View your clients critical health data to understand their conditions.
  • Be protected by disclaimers and legal Terms & Conditions signed by each client.
  • Easily block out resources that is unavailable due to absenteeism or maintenance.
  • Interactive dashboards to know the state and health of your spa/clinic.
  • Unlimited storage to always have the history of your client bookings.
  • Be warned of potential contra-indications from different therapies BEFORE you administer the session, protecting yourself and your client.
  • We send out reminders to your clients for their bookings, that they do not forget.
  • Control your profile, offerings and pricing.

Benefits for Clients

  • Book & Manage bookings at thousands of health and wellness centres across the world.
  • 1 Profile to use everywhere, eliminate the “fill in the form first” at every appointment.
  • You have control over your data.
  • Conveniently pay online for your bookings through various options that suit you.
  • Be warned of potential contra-indications from different therapies BEFORE you book.
  • Never forget an appointment again, we will remind you.
  • Control your health profile.


Use for free, only pay when you sell

Flat rate of 12,5%* per booking.

*Card payment processing fees included

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