Ozone Water Dispensing System

200 Liter glass tank is filled with water from a reverse osmosis system while ozone is continuously bubbled in the tank to freshen and oxygenate the water. Capable of producing 40 – 45 liters per hour.

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Benefits & Features

Ozone Water Dispensing System
  • Benefits of using the Ozone Water Dispenser System

  • Eliminates harmful and unwanted contaminants from your water
  • Economical and low maintenance costs
  • Easily installed
  • Easy maintenance
  • Our System was recently upgraded to provide and improve the following:

  • 450mg/h ozone generator with air pump
  • Timer for ozone generator to improve lifespan of O3 generator
  • Diffusion set now consists of 4 stainless steel ozone resistant bulkhead fittings
  • Ozone resistant Teflon tubing all around
  • Electrical control box with quick fit electrical components at the bottom for faster and easier maintenance
  • Purification process:

  • 1st stage: 5 micron sediment filter – removes rust, dirt, sediment
  • 2nd stage: Carbon block filter – removes chlorine, bad taste and odor
  • 3rd stage: Carbon block filter – further removes chlorine, bad taste and odor
  • 4th stage: Reverse osmosis membrane, pure H2O is extracted and other dissolved solids are rejected to the drain.
  • 5th stage: Inline carbon filter – improves taste of water
  • Ozonation: Any bacteria and/or contaminants left are oxidized and eliminated by the ozone. The ozone also adds more oxygen to the water.

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