Ozone Therapy

Woman running comrades marathon after ozone therapy

Ozone Sauna Treatment For Enhanced Sports Performance & Accelerated Recovery

After enduring the challenges, such as the recently held Comrades Marathon, athletes rightly deserve meticulous care and thorough recovery methods to rejuvenate their bodies. One increasingly popular method gaining traction is the Ozone Sauna Treatment. The Ozone Sauna Treatment presents athletes with a comprehensive strategy for recuperation. By integrating the advantages of ozone therapy with

Ozone sauna a must have addition for an ultimate spa experience

Ultimate Spa Experience: Why an Ozone Sauna is a Must-Have

Today, we dive into the world of luxurious spa treatments and explore one of the hottest trends in the industry – the ozone sauna. As spa-goers increasingly seek innovative ways to enhance their relaxation and well-being, ozone saunas has emerged as a must-have for any modern spa. We will discuss the numerous benefits and advantages

The Future Role of AI in Wellness and Alternative Healthcare

Advancements in technology, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), have the potential to revolutionize various aspects of healthcare. One area that shows promise is wellness and alternative healthcare, where AI can enhance treatments like ozone therapy. This article explores the future role of AI in promoting wellness through ozone-based therapies, highlighting their potential

Which diet should you follow in 2023?

Diets have been a “thing” for decades now. Over the years they have changed and sometimes even mutated into very strange and restrictive eating patterns. The main mistake everyone makes is to think that following a diet is only about losing weight. In some instances weight loss is a perk, but there’s a lot more

[Publication] Les Nouvelles | theBooking.site

At Salvagente we continually strive to improve our products and services. In our latest contribution in the Les Nouvelles Spa magazine, we don’t just again give free exposure to our affiliated outlets, we also touch base on our new partnership with theBooking.site – an Enterprise level resource management system and booking marketplace for the alternative

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Whether you’re injured or just trying to make specific muscles strong, it’s always a good idea to do some physical therapy. It’ll help keep you in top shape when training for your marathons or team sports. When your body can recover quickly, it’ll create better performances. Here are some benefits of physical therapy. May Help

Health risks of a toxic workplace

The average person will spend about a third of their life at work. This calculates to about 90,000 hours in total. In this blog we will be discussing changes you can make to toxic workplaces, like; desk practices, social interactions and alternative therapies to help you cope, for example adding a meditation area or an

O2 Concentrator Pre-order UPDATE

Click here for LATEST UPDATE 13 August 2021 | UPDATE 6 August 2021 | FIRST UPDATE 29 July 2021 For our clients who placed back orders for the KSM-5 5lt oxygen concentrator, please read the important information below. For clients who placed orders for the KSOC-5 and KSOC-10 oxygen concentrators, the shipment is still on

Prepping for Flu season with ozone in 2021

Prepping for Flu season with Ozone in 2021

Winter is officially here in South Africa. For most parts, it has been cold and rainy. In this blog we will be discussing how you could prepare better for a healthier winter season & to prevent yourself from getting a cold or flu by aid of ozone & an annual vaccine. And let’s not forget

South Africa’s New Coronavirus Variant

SA’s second COVID-19 wave is in full swing with over 20,000 new infections daily. Many other countries are currently in a hard lockdown or have closed their borders, especially to South Africa, due to South Africa’s new Coronavirus variant. In this blog we’ll look at what this new variant means, how it’s different and what