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Benefits of Physical Therapy

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Whether you’re injured or just trying to make specific muscles strong, it’s always a good idea to do some physical therapy. It’ll help keep you in top shape when training for your marathons or team sports. When your body can recover quickly, it’ll create better performances. Here are some benefits of physical therapy.

May Help You Avoid Surgery

Physical therapy can help you avoid the costs and struggles of going through surgery. You may have injured your leg or another body part that requires physical therapy sessions as part of the recovery process. Sometimes, physical therapy can help restore movement to the area to prevent surgery.

Physical treatments may be the better alternative for people that don’t want a knife incision. Sometimes surgery can get too deep into the bone and cause further issues as the patient ages. Even if surgery is inevitable, physical therapy can help your body heal faster.

This way, you won’t have to go through many surgery sessions, and it’ll help you save money in the long run.

Increase Your Mobility

If you’ve had a stroke, you may have lost movement in different areas of the body. With regular therapy sessions, you can overcome some of these obstacles. Regaining some mobility will help you be more independent from a caretaker or a relative. Also, the muscle memory may kick in, and you can start seeing a full recovery.

Athletes benefit from physical therapy because it helps them prevent injuries. If they’re playing sports that require a lot of running, it’s easy to roll an ankle, twist a knee, or even get shin splints. Physical therapy can show recovery exercises and other tasks before and after training sessions.

It’ll help you keep your joints more flexible to prevent them from stiffening up, which could cause an accident.

Can Help Relieve Chronic Pain

The older we get, the more prone we may be to arthritis or daily joint pain. Physiotherapy sessions can help reduce the onset of these symptoms. Trainers can help elders select programs that don’t cause further trauma to their joints.

Alleviating the pain can help you eliminate your dependence on medications. It’ll prevent addiction to opioids or over-the-counter drugs prescribed by a doctor. Additionally, it’ll improve their quality of life because they get to be more active around their family and friends.

Physical therapy can help you live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Additions To Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an integral part of strengthening and increasing mobility in the body, but there are other therapies and practices you can add to assist in the recovery process.

Ozone Therapy

Frequent sessions in an ozone sauna will assist in increasing the oxygen levels in the body. Ozone breaks up lactic acid, increase cellular respiration in muscles, speeds up recovery of damaged tissue and accelerates muscle growth.

Ozone can also assist in the fight agains inflammation, reduce pain and enhances the calcium uptake from foods. For more benefits on Ozone Therapy, check out our 100 Benefits of Ozone Therapy page.

Essential Oils

Essential oils and muscle oils can do wonders when it comes to alleviating inflammation, stiffness & muscle aches. Lavender oil can also help assist in a better night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep is vital when the body needs to repair.


If you suffer from muscle aches, pains or experience a decrease in mobility, consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Sometimes, with a few small tweaks and exercises you’re able to prevent further damage and if you’re lucky, can even reverse your symptoms completely.

No matter the cause of your ailment it is always best to consult with your GP or a qualified medical practitioner, before starting a new treatment.


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