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Popular habits VS popular addiction

We all have numerous habits and it is safe to say that we all have some type of addiction, being that food, shopping, work, games, TV or even the more hardcore addictions like alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Did you know that 50% of your average day is habitual? When I first read this I did

15 Things you should know about caffeine

For the past decade people have been arguing about if caffeine is good or bad for you. Personally, I believe that all is good in moderation. It has been proved that 2-3 cups op coffee or tea per day will enhance brain function, relieve stress and improve concentration. If you are a caffeine addict on

InfoGraphic on the Popping Pills drug epidemic

Pharmaceutical giants have long been a conflicting topic for many… They are the saviours of the population, bringing us a pill for any and all ailments, healing our disease stricken world. Or are they now the cash machines that sells prescription drugs without worrying about side effects and consequences, where “another set” of pills will


[InfoGraphic] 10 Mayor Health Benefits of Marijuana

It has long been argued that marijuana should be legalized due to it’s medicinal properties. The dilemma comes in where many drug experts believe marijuana is the gateway drug to stronger and more dangerous substance abuse such as cocaine, heroine and tik. How do we solve this? Some doctors have a license to prescribe dagga

InfoGraphic on Why Coffee and Tea are Amazing for you

The 2 most common hot beverages to consume, and also the 2 hottest contested when it comes to which one is better for you… As with most things in life, you probably need it for some or other reason, even if it’s just for a boost during that dreadful Monday morning, but as stated in

InfoGraphic on UK smokers and reasons to QUIT

How many people smoke Worldwide; more than all the Facebook users, and if you put all the smokers in the same country they would compete head to head with China as the largest population on Earth. The negative consequences of smoking is well documented, so why do so many people still practice this habit? Surely

10 Diet Traps and How to Avoid Them [Infographic]

I am sure people were dieting in pre-historic times, and in modern times it reached epic proportions. Although there’s no fact in the previous statement, dieting is so ingrained in society that we can almost believe it has been there forever. With all the money spent on dieting products, very few show any results. This

How Over Medication is Bad for you

How Over Medication is Bad for you

We took a look at Eastern vs Western Medicine, today we delve deeper into what over medication in Western society means, how people over medicate and the consequences. If you are part of the group that’s on antidepressant tablets, isn’t it time to look at alternatives? Therapy might show better results, and you won’t have

Your Cravings are not what you Think they are...

Your Cravings are not what you Think they are…

Ever heard the principle of cause and effect… Your cravings are the same, it’s a lack of something that leads you to want something else. The infographic below lists some common cravings people get and what their body actually needs. In medicine this principle is often too prevalent, pills treating the symptom and not the

InfoGraphic on Drug Abuse in the Workplace,

InfoGraphic on Drug Abuse in the Workplace

As many things in life, drug use doesn’t end during personal hours and get’s taken to the office more frequently than expected. This has various consequences as shown in the info graphic, but how does one quit? Many times counseling alone is ineffective, because the craving for the next “fix” is just too strong. To