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15 Things you should know about caffeine


For the past decade people have been arguing about if caffeine is good or bad for you.

Personally, I believe that all is good in moderation. It has been proved that 2-3 cups op coffee or tea per day will enhance brain function, relieve stress and improve concentration. If you are a caffeine addict on the other hand you may suffer from the following side effect; insomnia, dehydration, anxiety and even an upset stomach.

You can not judge your caffeine intake by the amount of coffee you drink. Caffeine can be hidden in many different products. Decaf coffee is said to have no caffeine, but this is not entirely true. A normal cup of coffee will have about 100mg of caffeine where decaf will have 20mg. Soda drinks is a mayor culprit in caffeine consumption, Creme Soda has more caffeine than a cup of coffee coming in at about 25mg where as Coke is a whopping 35mg. Chocolate or Coffee flavored ice cream may have more than 45mg of caffeine. Other culprits include weight-loss pills, pain relievers, energy water, alcoholic energy drinks, breath fresheners and some instant oat meals.

All things are better taken in moderation. Always eat healthy food and drink plenty of water especially when consuming caffeine. Make sure that when you buy bottled water there are still minerals present. Most bottled water can be classified as “dead” water, there are no nutrition left for you body to take in and these types of water steel nutrients from your body. Ozonated water is when water is treated by using reverse osmosis. This method eliminates harmful and unwanted contaminants from your water and when used in conjunction with the mineral pack you ensure the water you drink replenishes vital minerals in your body.

What is your outlook on caffeine?

15 things you should know about caffeine

Editor15 Things you should know about caffeine

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