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Insight into GMO’s – Genetically Modified Organisms [Infographic]

You would believe that if you are following a balanced diet that your intake of valuable nutrients is sufficient to keep you healthy… not so if the diet consists of GMO’s! These genetically modified organisms are present in a wide variety of healthy foods, making the food we eat “toxic”. To combat this we need

InfoGraphic on the Popping Pills drug epidemic

Pharmaceutical giants have long been a conflicting topic for many… They are the saviours of the population, bringing us a pill for any and all ailments, healing our disease stricken world. Or are they now the cash machines that sells prescription drugs without worrying about side effects and consequences, where “another set” of pills will


[InfoGraphic] 10 Mayor Health Benefits of Marijuana

It has long been argued that marijuana should be legalized due to it’s medicinal properties. The dilemma comes in where many drug experts believe marijuana is the gateway drug to stronger and more dangerous substance abuse such as cocaine, heroine and tik. How do we solve this? Some doctors have a license to prescribe dagga

Fact or Hoax: Processed meat too Dangerous for Human Consumption

An article recently surfaced again which we can find traces that appeared in 2007. It claims that a study from the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) was released where more than 7000 clinical studies have been done covering the link between diet and cancer. “Processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption. Consumers should stop

What does a Sip of Soda do to your Health

Most people over 10 are byproducts of Coca Cola and other carbonated soft drinks. We grew up, and some grew old with soda’s rising in popularity. Whether it’s quenching your first or a mixer to your alcoholic beverage, your intake of sodas is too much. When it comes to the detrimental side effects of soft

InfoGraphic on UK smokers and reasons to QUIT

How many people smoke Worldwide; more than all the Facebook users, and if you put all the smokers in the same country they would compete head to head with China as the largest population on Earth. The negative consequences of smoking is well documented, so why do so many people still practice this habit? Surely

InfoGraphic on Back Pain

That saying where too much of anything is bad… again rings true. When you are sitting too much or sitting wrong, or when you are too active can cause injury to your back. The onus is on you to take care of your health and wellbeing, and to protect your back from damage. Only under

Hepatitis C: Getting tested can Save your Life

We are not fans of visiting doctors here at Salvagente, but we will make an exception for this. If you fall within this age group as depicted in the infographic, please get tested for Hepatitis C. We believe strongly in prevention and early treatment, especially if your chances of survival and eliminating the virus are

InfoGraphic on Top 10 Ways to reduce exposure to Cancer causing agents

InfoGraphic on Top 10 Ways to reduce exposure to Cancer causing agents

Here’s top 10 ways to reduce your exposure to cancer causing agents. But what if you are concerned about previous exposure? Or if your busy lifestyle does not allow for you to make your own deodorant? Does that mean you are at the mercy of cancer now? Luckily a healthy lifestyle incorporates many facets, these

How Over Medication is Bad for you

How Over Medication is Bad for you

We took a look at Eastern vs Western Medicine, today we delve deeper into what over medication in Western society means, how people over medicate and the consequences. If you are part of the group that’s on antidepressant tablets, isn’t it time to look at alternatives? Therapy might show better results, and you won’t have