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InfoGraphic on the Popping Pills drug epidemic

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Pharmaceutical giants have long been a conflicting topic for many…

They are the saviours of the population, bringing us a pill for any and all ailments, healing our disease stricken world. Or are they now the cash machines that sells prescription drugs without worrying about side effects and consequences, where “another set” of pills will treat the side effects, in turn leading to more side effects of their own and the vicious cycle continues.

One thing is for certain, prescription drugs are being misused, and we know that anything that is misused leads to consequences, mostly negative ones. Once you start using drugs (even when prescribed), your perception about them start to change, you view them differently, and that can lead to other types of drugs or substances being used. Many call dagga the gateway drug to harder types of drug addiction, but in many instances the cause of drug addiction can be traced back to prescription or over the counter medicine being abused.

If you suspect someone (or yourself) of being addicted, visit a counsellor or confide in a trusted friend. It can also go a long way to detoxify your body from all the chemicals being released by drugs. Liver or colon cleansing, ozone sauna therapy and liquid diets are all ways to achieve this.

Do you think pharmaceutical companies are good or evil?

Infographic courtesy of 12 Palms Recovery Centre

InfoGraphic on the Popping Pills drug epidemic

AdminInfoGraphic on the Popping Pills drug epidemic

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