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InfoGraphic on UK smokers and reasons to QUIT

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How many people smoke Worldwide; more than all the Facebook users, and if you put all the smokers in the same country they would compete head to head with China as the largest population on Earth.

The negative consequences of smoking is well documented, so why do so many people still practice this habit? Surely it can’t be from ignorance or naiveness. The fact of the matter and a huge driver behind this is addiction. People are susceptible to various addictions; picking up a cigaret and lighting it isn’t difficult, add peer pressure and nicotine and you have a winning combination for enslaving someone for the rest of their lives.

So how do we kick this habit? Plenty of motivation can do wonders, but the withdrawal is the largest culprit. To manage your withdrawal symptoms you need to get rid of the toxins that fuel these withdrawals. Traces of nicotine and tar can be found in your blood stream, bone marrow and organs. You need to cleanse your body of these before attempting to quit entirely. We recommend reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke per day, visit an ozone therapy clinic to experience a detoxifying ozone therapy session in either an ozone steam pod or ozone far infrared cabinet and get plenty of support from friends and family.

Any suggestions from people that kicked the habit are welcome.

InfoGraphic on UK smokers and reasons to QUIT

AdminInfoGraphic on UK smokers and reasons to QUIT

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