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Negative effects of secondhand smoke

We all know at least one person who smokes a pack a day. Yes, this is very unhealthy and most smokers suffer from constant coughing, headaches and in some cases cancer. But, what is their smoke doing to you? Secondhand smoking in some cases has been proven to be worse than actually smoking a cigarette

Causes of cancer

These days it is as if everything and anything can cause cancer; from what you eat to what you drink and even the vaccines you got as a baby. How do we truly know we are safe? The problem is we never will. Although we are a lot more advanced than a hundred years ago,

Green Tea and lung cancer

Over the past few decades, Westerners have embraced the Eastern Cultures of herbal medicine traditions but most importantly the variety of tea and each of their benefits. Green Tea has won the battle of the teas. Presently Green Tea is freely available in Supermarkets and can even be ordered at your favourite restaurant. Green Tea

InfoGraphic on UK smokers and reasons to QUIT

How many people smoke Worldwide; more than all the Facebook users, and if you put all the smokers in the same country they would compete head to head with China as the largest population on Earth. The negative consequences of smoking is well documented, so why do so many people still practice this habit? Surely

Can a Degree help you Live Longer,

Can a Degree help you Live Longer

Many people will fail to see the correlation immediately, but education opens up the mind to healthy balanced lifestyles. Educated people often exercise more, are more involved in their dietary choices and can often afford alternative health treatments such as yoga, massage therapy, ozone therapy, aromatherapy etc. Due to their higher income they can also

InfoGraphic on What happens to your body if you stop smoking,

InfoGraphic on What happens to your body if you stop smoking

When you quit smoking the effects are nearly immediate, but it takes years to completely undo the damage caused by cigarettes. To speed up the process of returning your health to normal invest in an ozone steam or far infra red sauna. These saunas flood your body with activated oxygen (ozone) which oxidizes bacteria, viruses

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Cancer from oral sex increasing in young men

The below infographic shows the risk factors of contracting oral and throat cancer. Through regular detox sessions which can be done non-invasively in ozone steam saunas you can eliminate some of the harmful effects of smoking and drinking. Furthermore the increased oxygen from ozone therapy also combats cancerous cells by increasing the oxygen received by

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50% of cancers can be prevented

Half of all cancers could be prevented if people just adopted healthier behaviours, US scientists have argued. Smoking is blamed for a third of all US cancer cases and being overweight leads to another 20% of the deadly burden that costs the United States some $226 billion per year in health care and lost productivity. For instance, up


How Tobacco Harms Your Body

Our ozone sauna was developed to provide you with the best ozone steam therapy, enabling you to stop smoking within a couple of sessions. _________________________________________________________________________ Did you know that smoking has this effect on your body? _________________________________________________________________________

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Non-smokers can also get lung cancer

Although smoking is one of the major causes of lung cancer, non-smokers are often diagnosed with the disease as well. To mark global Lung Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM) this November, lung cancer patients and survivors are being encouraged to share their stories of the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, and the fact that non-smokers can also be