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Green Tea and lung cancer


Over the past few decades, Westerners have embraced the Eastern Cultures of herbal medicine traditions but most importantly the variety of tea and each of their benefits.

Green Tea has won the battle of the teas. Presently Green Tea is freely available in Supermarkets and can even be ordered at your favourite restaurant. Green Tea is especially high in poly-phenols, a potent type of antioxidant. Previous studies have shown that drinking Green Tea may help your body against cancer causing cells. I-Hsin Lin and colleagues from Chung Shan Medical University, situated in Taiwan, completed a study involving 170 participants with lung cancer and 340 healthy counterparts.

Obtaining data on demographics, cigarette-smoking habits, Green Tea consumption, dietary intake of fruits and vegetables, cooking practices and family history of lung cancer via questionnaires, the team also performed genotyping on insulin-like growth factors as polymorphisms that have been previously associated with cancer risk. The researchers found that among smokers and non-smokers, those who did not drink Green Tea had a 5.16-fold increased risk of lung cancer, compared with those who drank at least one cup of Green Tea per day. Among smokers, those who did not drink Green Tea at all had a 12.71-fold increased risk of lung cancer, compared with those who drank at least one cup of Green Tea per day.

Lets face it, Green Tea is definitely not the nicest tasting tea in the world and adding anything extra to improve the taste will spoil it all together. Getting use to the taste will take some time and figuring out how it works best is up to you. Some people prefer their tea cold where others prefer it hot hot hot. Green Tea will improve your overall health drastically and will help you fight the signs and symptoms of aging. To get the most out of your one or two cups of Green Tea per day, you have to follow a healthy diet, drink lots of water and start Ozone Therapy. This will give your  body a boost and Ozone Therapy will help improve blood cell production, fight off cancer causing cells, improve vitamin and mineral absorption and boost your overall energy.

Will you start a new life with a cup of Green Tea?

Green Tea

Louise PyperGreen Tea and lung cancer

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