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Causes of cancer

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These days it is as if everything and anything can cause cancer; from what you eat to what you drink and even the vaccines you got as a baby.

How do we truly know we are safe? The problem is we never will. Although we are a lot more advanced than a hundred years ago, it all is still in some cases a guessing game. New drugs, ingredients and preservatives are made each day and introduced into the market. Although scientist can do their homework on what these things can do immediately, they will never be 150% sure what the effects will be in the long run.

Most of us have our favourite medicines to take when sick. How many of you have been told by the pharmacist that these medicines have been discontinued? Another example is that of harmful food preservatives; as seen in my blog : The long term effects of fast food. Scientists are truly playing the guessing game and harmful ingredients are found each and every day.

Now your question might be; How on earth do I stay healthy then? The answer? You try your best and know the dangers. Eating healthy is very important, opt for fresh food rather than frozen, buy organic, do not eat fast foods or processed food, stay away from soda and opt for organic juice or make your own at home. Starting your own vegetable garden is an excellent idea, spray your garden with organic materials rather than pesticides. Getting exercise is also very important.

Drinking medicine is where it gets tricky. When you are sick and need medicine it is not a good idea to decline any type of prescription a Doctor might give you. But in non-severe cases keep an open mind and rather opt for something more natural. What you eat can truly keep away illnesses like  flu, headaches, nausea and diarrhea.

Here are a few foods that can help cure everyday illnesses:

  • Dark chocolate – lowers blood pressure, reduce LDL cholesterol, increase blood flow to the brain and improves heart health
  • Garlic – helps reduce anxiety
  • Coffee – Boosts your metabolism in the morning
  • Chilli peppers – Boosts your metabolism in the evening
  • Fried eggs – Helps lower blood pressure
  • Salmon – Fights off signs of depression and cancer causing cells
  • Yogurt – Gives weight loss a kickstart
  • Kidney beans – Keeps your energy levels up
  • Barley – Stabilizes your blood sugar
  • Clams – Improves endurance
  • Rooibos tea – Builds your immune system
  • Honey – Takes away mild coughs
  • Kiwi – Decrease the duration of a cold
  • Margarine – Lowers cholesterol
  • Spinach – Repairs muscle tissue
  • Sardines – Improves concentration and focus
  • Ground flaxseed – Sharpens your senses and may help fight off cancer
  • Peanuts, berries, sweet potato and broccoli – May help prevent cancer

Opting for an Ozone Steam Sauna will super charge fighting off diseases. Ozone Therapy removes toxins and impurities in the blood, destroys viruses, improves blood circulation and enhances the uptake of vitamins and minerals in the body.

What will you choose to do?

Causes of cancer

Louise PyperCauses of cancer

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