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[InfoGraphic] 10 Mayor Health Benefits of Marijuana

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It has long been argued that marijuana should be legalized due to it’s medicinal properties. The dilemma comes in where many drug experts believe marijuana is the gateway drug to stronger and more dangerous substance abuse such as cocaine, heroine and tik.

How do we solve this? Some doctors have a license to prescribe dagga to their patients, where they closely monitor their usage of the drug. Other patients use their conditions as excuses to get hold of marijuana.

Alternative therapies also exists where you can treat the same health problems with less risky modalities, including acupuncture, ozone therapy (which is non invasive in ozone saunas), reiki and changing your diet.

If you are concerned that you are addicted to any drug, visit an ozone therapy clinic to detoxify your body and rid yourself of the toxins and withdrawal symptoms.


Admin[InfoGraphic] 10 Mayor Health Benefits of Marijuana

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