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Popular habits VS popular addiction

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We all have numerous habits and it is safe to say that we all have some type of addiction, being that food, shopping, work, games, TV or even the more hardcore addictions like alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.

Did you know that 50% of your average day is habitual? When I first read this I did not believe it and started to think… I get hungry everyday at exactly the same time, I wake up and go to bed at the same time, I take the same road from work everyday and stop at the same super market everyday. It is scary to see how many habits I have formed during my life. It takes roughly about 66 days to form a habit whereas some addictions can be formed within a day even hours.

So what really is a healthy habit? I believe that a healthy habit is something that does not prohibit you from doing your daily tasks. Drinking one glass of wine every night will help you relax and will go great with whatever you’re cooking, but drinking a bottle every night will interfere with your sleeping patterns, dehydrate your body which can lead to headaches, loss of concentration, feeling tired constantly and loss in appetite. These symptoms will all lead to a decline in your productivity at work.

Getting rid of an addiction is not very easy. First you have to acknowledge the problem and then start planning your plan of attack. Getting help these days is easy and there now shame about it. Just remember all habits may lead to addictions, so it is very important to make sure which are which.

If you have had an addiction like drugs or alcohol, Ozone Therapy is a great way to help detox your body. Ozone Therapy improves oxygen levels in the blood, neutralizes toxins and impurities in the blood, strengthens organ functioning, repairs damaged cells, cleans the lungs, enhances uptake of vitamins and minerals in the body, relieves stress, relieves headaches and improves sleep. If you do not have an addiction, Ozone Therapy can improve your overall health.

Which habits or addictions do you have?

Popular habits versus popular addiction

Popular habits VS popular addiction

EditorPopular habits VS popular addiction

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