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Your Cravings are not what you Think they are…

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Ever heard the principle of cause and effect… Your cravings are the same, it’s a lack of something that leads you to want something else. The infographic below lists some common cravings people get and what their body actually needs.

In medicine this principle is often too prevalent, pills treating the symptom and not the cause. Chemo treating the cancer cells and not the cause (oxygen starvation at a cellular level). Diet pills eliminating your appetite to starve you instead of getting rid of the toxic build up that will enable you to loose weight on your own. The list goes on.

Isn’t it time you considered preventative healing modalities that treats the underlying causes? Yoga is one to align the body and mind, ozone therapy in ozone saunas to detox the body and increase oxygen levels is another. There are many of these modalities that can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Your Cravings are not what you Think they are...

AdminYour Cravings are not what you Think they are…

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