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InfoGraphic on Drug Abuse in the Workplace

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As many things in life, drug use doesn’t end during personal hours and get’s taken to the office more frequently than expected. This has various consequences as shown in the info graphic, but how does one quit?

Many times counseling alone is ineffective, because the craving for the next “fix” is just too strong. To effectively begin rehabilitation a drug user needs to detoxify thoroughly in order to get rid of toxins left by drugs that’s stored in the body. One of the easiest, fastest and most comfortable ways to detox is with an ozone sauna. Ozone therapy is very effective to eliminate toxins stored by the body either through oxidizing it inside the body or by sweating excess toxins out.

Once the body is clear the mind can focus on counseling and rehabilitation.

Are you affected by drugs?

InfoGraphic on Drug Abuse in the Workplace,

AdminInfoGraphic on Drug Abuse in the Workplace

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