September 2012

InfoGraphic on Sugar Consumption,

InfoGraphic on Sugar Consumption

This info graphic paints a startling picture about our diets and the amount of sugar we consume. What is worse is the health risks refined sugar is linked to; obesity, high blood pressure, headaches and clogging of arteries just to name a few. It is important to monitor and reduce our daily intake of sugar,

InfoGraphic on the Greenest College Campuses in the US,

InfoGraphic on the Greenest College Campuses in the US

Homes are going green, farms, businesses, and now the institutions where we learn. This info graphic shows the greenest colleges in the United States, we hope that colleges around the world are inspired by these to also make the lifestyle change and become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. We further hope that ozone will play

InfoGraphic on The Organic Debate,

InfoGraphic on The Organic Debate

Organic products are cited to be better for a variety of reasons according to the info graphic, but probably one of the more common reasons are the issue about pesticides on produce. These pesticides and growth hormones affect humans negatively, but even if we switch to organic now, we already have large amounts of of

InfoGraphic on the Greatest Human and Digital Viruses,

InfoGraphic on the Greatest Human and Digital Viruses

A look into viruses that infected millions and damaged or killed most of the infected is startling. What is concerning though is the way we safeguard our digital devices with preventative measures, malware detection, anti virus programs, but we do not take the same approach to preventing illness and infections to ourselves. Boosting your immune

InfoGraphic on Which drug causes the most harm,

InfoGraphic on Which drug causes the most harm

Although ALL drugs are harmful, some of these findings are surprising… These experts found that alcohols’ mean harm rating is more than LSD, and tobacco’s more than Khat. To successfully kick the addiction, it helps to get rid of all the toxins that lets you crave the drug. Effective means of this is through detoxification,

InfoGraphic on your daily media consumption,

InfoGraphic on your daily media consumption

In our fast paced, always-on lives, media consumption is everywhere. Phones, tablets, netbooks, TV, game consoles, iPods etc, govern our attention, and this info graphic shows just how much time we spend on these devices. It is crucial that we take some “time out” to clear our thoughts. Take a walk, meditate, get a massage

The Caffeine Poster,

The Caffeine Poster

Some countries will celebrate National Coffee Day this month, so we are taking a look at one of the prominent ingredients in coffee, caffeine. The poster below shows us which beverages contains which amount of caffeine, and just how much “jitters” we can expect when consuming these. Caffeine is described by various medical practitioners and