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The Caffeine Poster

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Some countries will celebrate National Coffee Day this month, so we are taking a look at one of the prominent ingredients in coffee, caffeine. The poster below shows us which beverages contains which amount of caffeine, and just how much “jitters” we can expect when consuming these.

Caffeine is described by various medical practitioners and institutions as a drug, and it can have numerous health implications when consumed in excess. As with other drugs, the key to breaking an addiction is to rid your body of it. That is easier said than done, but through detoxification this process of elimination is increased. An effective way of detoxing is by means of an ozone steam sauna. Ozone therapy eliminates toxins through the largest organ in the body, the skin, thereby eradicating the cravings for caffeine or other drugs. Try a session at Salvagente or any of our affiliated ozone therapy outlets and feel the effects of being healthy.

The Caffeine Poster,

AdminThe Caffeine Poster

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