October 2012

InfoGraphic on the Evolution of Auto Safety,

InfoGraphic on the Evolution of Auto Safety

No matter how many massages you get, how much you meditate, or how many times you sit in an ozone pod, injuries from car accidents can and will harm you if the proper attention isn’t given to your safety and wellbeing. This info graphic shows how car safety progressed and what advanced safety technology is

InfoGraphic on Weight Gain in College,

InfoGraphic on Weight Gain in College

A well known phenomena, the “freshman or first year syndrome”, where students gain weight when they start varsity. This info graphic delves deeper into the reasons and how different genders are affected by this. It’s important to note that this lifestyle is very unhealthy, and students should consider health measures to keep their immune system

Testimonial about Salvagente, the ozone saunas and the service.

“Thank you once again Chris, for not only making this option possible, but for making it a reality!! We truly appreciate it!!” – Andre Weyers – A client who had specific needs, and we met those needs with a custom built ozone sauna from Salvagente.

InfoGraphic on Pet Fire Safety,

InfoGraphic on Pet Fire Safety

Wellness is a holistic view of one’s health and wellbeing, and here at Salvagente we address diets, relaxation therapies, health therapies like ozone sauna treatments, lifestyles and much more. Due to this holistic view, we are taking a look at pet safety, and for many people their pets are like family and will cause great

InfoGraphic on Workplace Fatality Data (US),

InfoGraphic on Workplace Fatality Data (US)

This info graphic indicates fatalities which happened while at work. Although the data is for the United States, it gives a clear picture to other countries that accidents at work is not an issue to be ignored. While prevention is the only only thing to do to stop fatalities, there’s a few options when it

InfoGraphic on Workplace Stress,

InfoGraphic on Workplace Stress

According to the info graphic, a third of workers report high levels of stress. This is alarming as stress leads to various health problems. If you are suffering from work stress, it’s time you start changing your environment or mindset. Taking walks or jogging in parks can relieve stress, going for a massage will take

InfoGraphic on the State of Social media and Healthcare,

InfoGraphic on the State of Social media and Healthcare

This info graphic shows how patients interact online when it comes to their healthcare information. The trend seems to be that more patients will be accessing reputable online health resources. But what about alternative health methods like acupuncture, ozone therapy and massage therapy? Do patients turn to social networks more for referrals on ozone cabinets

InfoGraphic on Body Piercing healing time,

InfoGraphic on Body Piercing healing time

Decorating our faces (and many times the rest of our bodies) can have some serious medical drawbacks, not to mention the time it takes to heal. The most common of these complications is infection. Infection on any part of your body is painful, but because piercings often happen on sensitive areas of skin, the pain

Microsoft Health Vault Explained

Microsoft Health Vault Explained

We are in the information age, yet our health records are scattered at best, mostly incomplete and outdated. Microsoft developed a system to help organize, track and share this information with parties involved in your health and wellness. We hope to see this system spread that one day even your ozone therapy specialist will have

The Kitchen Cheat Sheet,

The Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Because what you eat is such an important part of health and wellness, this info graphic shows how to store your food, what temperatures to cook it and much more. Enjoy! InfoGraphic Source: The Everest UK