InfoGraphic on Online Safety,

InfoGraphic on Online Safety

When you look at your wellbeing holistically, you will see that it’s not enough just to be healthy. Other aspects such as family, vacations, safety etc forms part of your state of wellness. But an aspect that’s very often completely overlooked is our safety and security online. You will be in a constant state of

InfoGraphic on the Evolution of Auto Safety,

InfoGraphic on the Evolution of Auto Safety

No matter how many massages you get, how much you meditate, or how many times you sit in an ozone pod, injuries from car accidents can and will harm you if the proper attention isn’t given to your safety and wellbeing. This info graphic shows how car safety progressed and what advanced safety technology is

The Kitchen Cheat Sheet,

The Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Because what you eat is such an important part of health and wellness, this info graphic shows how to store your food, what temperatures to cook it and much more. Enjoy! InfoGraphic Source: The Everest UK

InfoGraphic on Vitamin D deficiency,

InfoGraphic on Vitamin D deficiency

The temperatures are climbing, and the sun is bright in a cloudless sky, at least for now in sunny South Africa. It’s in the middle of winter and we have temperatures towards the mid 20’s ‘C. But do we, even in this great weather, get enough sun to create sufficient Vitamin D? The info graphic

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Think while you eat

What did you eat during your last meal? Can’t remember? Uh, oh — that’s not a good sign for your waistline. According to a recent study conducted at the University of Bristol in the UK, if you don’t pay attention while you’re eating, your body may actually “forget” that you’ve eaten — and crave more