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InfoGraphic on Restricting Social Media at Work

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The modern, always-on always-connected world has created new diseases; like FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and created new addictions; like being addicted to Facebook or social media.

Although these can be severe, many people might have slighter inclinations to these addictions and diseases, and might want to know what is happening with friends and family, without being consumed by it. This can lead to loss of concentration with other tasks because they constantly wonder about what is happening in the World, whereas if they could quickly see that nothing life altering is happening they would be able to concentrate on tasks such as work. This also reduce stress and anxiety and leads to a more fulfilled life.

We would like to know if you suffer from FOMO or if you are addicted to any social media site.

InfoGraphic on Restricting Social Media at Work,

AdminInfoGraphic on Restricting Social Media at Work

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