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How do germs spread?

As a bit of a germaphobe, I tend to be a bit over the top when it comes to the spreading of germs. I will not touch public surfaces like counter tops, escalator railings, railings on stairs or elevator buttons. I get severely irritable when people stand too close to me in a queue and

The common cold

Unfortunately all of us have experienced some type of flu during our lives. Some cases worse than others, but eventually we all fight through it. We are at the end of winter in South Africa, but strange as it may be most of us get sick during this time. Each person has their own concoction

InfoGraphic on Allergies

Whether it’s through dust, pollen or animals, allergies spread far and wide. To eliminate the bacteria causing the allergic reactions you can look into regularly cleaning of surface dust (vacuuming through a water filter or using a damp cloth is better than just wiping the dust around and into the air with a dry cloth),

An InfoGraphic that delves into the question: Is your Diet Toxic?

An InfoGraphic that delves into the question: Is your Diet Toxic?

This infographic raises a serious concern; are we being fooled into believing we have a good, healthy diet but in fact we are flooding our bodies with a dangerous toxic buildup? The toxins and pesticides they use in genetically modified foods affect us indirectly by soil pollution and directly when we consume fruits and vegetables.

InfoGraphic on Food Safety,

InfoGraphic on Food Safety

An apple a day keeps the doctor away… but not when that apple is rotten! Our best dietary choices might come to nothing when those foods aren’t acquired, stored, prepared and consumed right. The info graphic below guides us in our quest to preserve, prepare and consume food to have the optimal nutrient intake from

InfoGraphic on Dirty Habits and Surfaces,

InfoGraphic on Dirty Habits and Surfaces

As this info graphic shows, our everyday environments are a lot more dirtier and hazardous to our lives than we think. Many times we can’t imagine where we got a cold from, but it can be from mobile devices, remote or even your own desk. Luckily many people found that an ozone sauna works effectively

InfoGraphic on The Organic Debate,

InfoGraphic on The Organic Debate

Organic products are cited to be better for a variety of reasons according to the info graphic, but probably one of the more common reasons are the issue about pesticides on produce. These pesticides and growth hormones affect humans negatively, but even if we switch to organic now, we already have large amounts of of

InfoGraphic on the Greatest Human and Digital Viruses,

InfoGraphic on the Greatest Human and Digital Viruses

A look into viruses that infected millions and damaged or killed most of the infected is startling. What is concerning though is the way we safeguard our digital devices with preventative measures, malware detection, anti virus programs, but we do not take the same approach to preventing illness and infections to ourselves. Boosting your immune

3D Representation of the Flu Virus,

3D Representation of the Flu Virus

You don’t always see the bacteria that makes you sick in such depth, with the breakdown of the different parts of the virus very informative. Winter is leaving South Africa, but colder days can be expected in Europe and America. If you haven’t given your immune system a boost yet now is the time to

InfoGraphic on Organic Foods,

InfoGraphic on Organic Foods

Moving to an organic lifestyle will improve your health tremendously, but what about all the pesticides and growth hormones that we are already exposed to and have consumed? How do we cleanse our bodies to “start on a clean sheet”? Regular detoxification of the body and lymph system is a great way to get rid