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[Infographic] Why does my pet sleep like that?

While unfortunately your dream of owning a talking dog may never come true, there still are plenty of ways for you and Fido to communicate. Your pup can recognise different tones, volumes, and even words that you speak — with proper training. In turn, you understand that their wagging tail means they’re excited, and their

[Infographic] Cleaning Tips for a Pet-Safe Home

We understand that Wellness isn’t just about exercise, healthy diets and ozone saunas. The animals in our lives also contribute to our overall wellness. Pets bring so much happiness and light to our homes, which is why we’ll want to keep them safe and healthy. Did you know, however, that some household cleaners can actually

What not to feed your pets

This blog is a bit out of the norm for Salvagente, but here at Salvagente we strive to improve the health and wellness of the whole family, so why should we not blog about our furry family members? Bringing home that little ball of fluff is always very exciting. Some of us, that includes me,