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[Infographic] Cleaning Tips for a Pet-Safe Home

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We understand that Wellness isn’t just about exercise, healthy diets and ozone saunas. The animals in our lives also contribute to our overall wellness.

Pets bring so much happiness and light to our homes, which is why we’ll want to keep them safe and healthy. Did you know, however, that some household cleaners can actually harm your pet?

Harsh chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers, and quaternary ammonium compounds can cause everything from burns to blindness and even death if ingested!

There are several different natural, pet-safe cleaning hacks that you can use… likely with what you already have lying around the house! Using safe ingredients like vinegar and tea tree oil can ensure your spaces get clean and your pets stay safe.

Our friends at Simply Self Storage put together these safe recipes. They took into consideration the messes pets make and show you the best ways to deal with spills and accidents, bath time, and every day cleanups. Check it out below!

Editor[Infographic] Cleaning Tips for a Pet-Safe Home

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