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[Infographic] The Importance of Protein

Most of us think that a high protein diet is exclusively for individuals with active lifestyles. That is very far from the truth. Yes, people who exercise regularly should consume more protein to help their bodies rebuild damaged tissue during prolonged or intense exercise, but even couch potatoes need protein. Check out the infographic below

The Benefits of a Gluten-Free Life

Staying gluten-free is one of the trending diets in recent times. However, a lot more people are still unaware of many important facts about gluten, the effect of ingesting gluten-containing foods, and of course, the benefits of a gluten-free diet. In a bid to enlighten you, and to help you maintain better health, a team

[Recipe] Enhance your beauty with a coconut smoothie

Smoothies are not only delicious but are also good for you! But on the down side, smoothies contain lots of natural sugars which can make you gain weight. If you love your smoothies as much as I do, remember to get regular exercise every day. For the non-exercise folk, drinking a smoothie a week will