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5 Easy Actions for a Better Brain

5 Easy Actions for a Better Brain

5 Easy, everyday tips to improve your brain performance. Optimal brain performance can leave you feeling refreshed, happy and improve your overall wellness level. If you struggle with nay of these tips, get a friend to exercise or read with you, drink a glass of wine with supper, join a musical club or detox in

InfoGraphic on the Good Grade Pills,

InfoGraphic on the Good Grade Pills

Many students are under pressure from peers, parents and maybe even financiers to do well in their studies, as the info graphic shows they will use stimulants to boost their performance. But these drugs can have harmful and dangerous consequences, so what do they do once they have used it and want to stop? One

InfoGraphic on Workplace Stress,

InfoGraphic on Workplace Stress

According to the info graphic, a third of workers report high levels of stress. This is alarming as stress leads to various health problems. If you are suffering from work stress, it’s time you start changing your environment or mindset. Taking walks or jogging in parks can relieve stress, going for a massage will take

InfoGraphic on How the Brain Ages,

InfoGraphic on How the Brain Ages

As we can see in the picture, the brain is fragile and we must do everything we can to prevent the aging and degenerative processes of our brain. One of the factors that negatively impacts the brain and which is somewhat out of our control is hypertension (high blood pressure). One way to remedy this

Infographic on 16 facts about sleep,

16 Facts about Sleep

It has been reported that people sleep more calmly and deeply after an ozone steam therapy. The steam and increased oxygen supplied to your bloodstream in the ozone sauna machine is the contributing factor in these cases. Have you tried it yet?

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Summary Fatigue is a common condition that involves feeling unusually tired. This may be a sign of illness and should never be ignored. Fatigue may be caused by many different physical and emotional factors. A healthy lifestyle, including eating a balanced diet and exercising, can help relieve and prevent fatigue. What is fatigue? Fatigue is

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7 hour’s sleep best for students

Whether or not you know any high school students that actually get nine hours of sleep each night, that’s what federal guidelines currently prescribe. A new Brigham Young University study found that 16-18 year olds perform better academically when they shave about two hours off that recommendation. “We’re not talking about sleep deprivation,” says study author

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People learn while they sleep

People may be learning while they’re sleeping – an unconscious form of memory that is still not well understood, according to a study by Michigan State University researchers. The findings are highlighted in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. “We speculate that we may be investigating a separate form of memory, distinct from traditional memory systems,”

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10 Weird Body facts

You can’t survive without sleep!  You need sleep as much as you need food. Many people neglect the importance of having enough sleep without knowing that humans can actually survive longer without food than without sleep. With water alone, an average person could survive a month to two without food (that also varies from an

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Skipping out on sleep lets you add pounds

People who got very little sleep ate more, but didn’t burn any extra kilojoules in a new study that adds to evidence supporting a link between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Although the findings don’t prove that sleeplessness causes people to pack on extra kilograms, or exactly how the relationship between sleep and body weight might work, they