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InfoGraphic on Headaches

InfoGraphic on Headaches

For some it’s part of their daily routine, for others it’s a rare occurrence; headaches can have a huge impact on your quality of life. This infographic explores the types of headaches and some quick solutions, although an important solution was not listed. Headaches can be caused or worsen by a lack of oxygen, thus

InfoGraphic on How to Properly use Sunscreen,

InfoGraphic on How to Properly use Sunscreen

The sun’s UV rays, an important factor for life, creating crucial Vitamin D for humans, but also a cause of cancer and sunburn. Here’s information on how to effectively apply sunscreen to protect you from the dangers the sun poses. If you are concerned about the negative effects excessive exposure to the sun might have

InfoGraphic on How the Brain Ages,

InfoGraphic on How the Brain Ages

As we can see in the picture, the brain is fragile and we must do everything we can to prevent the aging and degenerative processes of our brain. One of the factors that negatively impacts the brain and which is somewhat out of our control is hypertension (high blood pressure). One way to remedy this

InfoGraphic on the link between Caffeine and Calories,

InfoGraphic on the link between Caffeine and Calories

We consume coffees, fast foods, wine and frappe latte’s, but how does that affect our caffeine and calorie intake? This info graphic shows the correlation that certain beverages has on our energy level and what that translates to in our weight. Feeling it’s time to cut back? Maybe change your Mocha frappe latte that you

InfoGraphic on Drunk Driving,

InfoGraphic on Drunk Driving

Spending time with friends while having a few drinks is one of the most relaxing experiences there is, but if you are not careful it can be disastrous as depicted in the info graphic below. It’s wise to drink a glass of water with every drink you have, and to eat something oily before having

InfoGraphic on Organic Foods,

InfoGraphic on Organic Foods

Moving to an organic lifestyle will improve your health tremendously, but what about all the pesticides and growth hormones that we are already exposed to and have consumed? How do we cleanse our bodies to “start on a clean sheet”? Regular detoxification of the body and lymph system is a great way to get rid

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Bounce back after being sick

If you’re getting over being under the weather, it can be tempting to put the pedal to the metal on the road to recovery. But if you really want to feel better, proceed with caution. Here’s how to bounce back without risking a relapse. 1. Rest up. Resist staying up past prime time when you’re


Flu: get fighting fit

With winter here, you’re bound to be surrounded by coughers and sneezers wherever you go, greatly increasing your flu risk. Running like crazy from anyone who’s ill is the first step to avoid succumbing yourself, as is doing a Lady Macbeth and continually washing your hands. That’s because the flu virus is not only transmitted via droplets when someone