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What alcohol may be doing to your body

In this blog I will be discussing what alcohol may be doing to your body and how ozone therapy can help your body to detox and to fight off disease. Coming home to a chilled, sometimes fruity, sun downer after a stressful day can be quite delightful, but what is the cost of this evening

Understanding the Difference Between Alcohol Use and Alcohol Misuse

Let’s face it, almost all of us have had at least one drink in our lives. These days very few people have never misused alcohol and ended up getting drunk. Let’s not even talk about the dreadful hangover. Alcohol misuse in underage individuals is drastically on the incline all around the world. Not only have

Sweat: The big picture

It is a fact that we all sweat, some more than others. We are all born with sweat glands, which activate as soon as we hit puberty. It has been calculated that women on average have more sweat glands than men, but a man’s sweat glands are more active. The most common cause for sweating