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Understanding the Difference Between Alcohol Use and Alcohol Misuse

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Let’s face it, almost all of us have had at least one drink in our lives. These days very few people have never misused alcohol and ended up getting drunk. Let’s not even talk about the dreadful hangover.

Alcohol misuse in underage individuals is drastically on the incline all around the world. Not only have parents given up on their kids but bottle stores and clubs would rather focus on income than the age and safety of their clientele.

South Africa has been rated one of the worst countries when it comes to alcohol related deaths. According to studies, six out of ten fatal car accidents was caused by alcohol misuse. One out of seven drivers at night has been drinking. 3000 adult pedestrians are killed each year due to alcohol misuse.

The bottom line, alcohol should not be misused when you intend on driving/ walking home or anywhere else. Stick to the amount of drinks as per the legal limits. Don’t EVER think, you’re fine or you can handle your alcohol better than someone else. Accidents can happen to anyone, don’t let it be you.

Check out the InfoGraphic below for a visual effect of alcohol use.

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EditorUnderstanding the Difference Between Alcohol Use and Alcohol Misuse

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