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Prepping for Flu season with ozone in 2021

Prepping for Flu season with Ozone in 2021

Winter is officially here in South Africa. For most parts, it has been cold and rainy. In this blog we will be discussing how you could prepare better for a healthier winter season & to prevent yourself from getting a cold or flu by aid of ozone & an annual vaccine. And let’s not forget

The difference between Influenza & COVID-19

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing the spread of respiratory illnesses, like colds, flu as well as allergies is of utmost importance. Experts have confirmed that if someone gets the flu and COVID-19 at the same time, the mortality rate drastically increases. But how do you know the difference between influenza & COVID-19? What is

[Inforgraphic] Facts and myths about the Flu

I think it is safe to say that winter has officially hit South Africa. Let’s hope our winter will not be as long and cold as our northern hemisphere neighbor’s. The United Kingdom was hit by the Beast-from-the-East, where temperatures fell below -18 degrees Celsius. The United States of America,  especially central and eastern U.S., experienced

Ozone Therapy and the Flu

Winter is in full swing in South Africa and it looks like we’re in for a cold one. Temperatures are 1-4 degrees lower than previous years and snow has been reported across the country. For all our international readers, snow in SA is not a regular occurrence. The average winter temperatures range between a low

Ozone Therapy and Bronchitis

As winter is drawing closer in South Africa, we definitely need to start preparing for the annual flu season. Bronchitis is caused by the same virus that causes the common cold. As silly as it may be, one should seek medical attention as soon as you’ve developed a cold. Even if it’s just following your

The Facts about a Healing Crisis

Pesticides, hormones and preservatives are almost impossible to evade these days. Most food have been treated in some way, to improve growth, speed up the process or to prolong a product’s shelf life. Unfortunately, we end up with all the toxins in our bodies. Detox is the first step to clear your body of any

The common cold

Unfortunately all of us have experienced some type of flu during our lives. Some cases worse than others, but eventually we all fight through it. We are at the end of winter in South Africa, but strange as it may be most of us get sick during this time. Each person has their own concoction