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Ozone Therapy and the Flu

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Winter is in full swing in South Africa and it looks like we’re in for a cold one. Temperatures are 1-4 degrees lower than previous years and snow has been reported across the country. For all our international readers, snow in SA is not a regular occurrence. The average winter temperatures range between a low of -2℃ and a high of 23℃.

Winter in South Africa lasts only 3 months, but during these months 85% of us will fall victim to the cold & flu virus. The best way to ensure that you steer clear of the annual bug is to improve your daily lifestyle. Drink plenty of water, eat fruit and vegetables, opt for immune boosting vitamin supplements, wash your hands regularly (see infographic below) and avoid areas with little ventilation as well as airconditioned areas.

You can also opt for Ozone Therapy. Ozone Therapy boosts the immune system, kills viruses and bacteria, relieves fever and increases white blood cells in the body which helps fight infection. Ozone can also help fight headaches, sore muscles, cramps and will speed up recovery.

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Wash your hands

EditorOzone Therapy and the Flu

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