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Ozone Therapy and Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a skin infection in the foot caused by a fungus. The fungus that causes Athlete foot is called Trichophyton. When the feet, or other areas of the body, stay moist, warm and irritated, this fungus can thrive and infect the upper layer of the skin. Athlete’s foot is caused by the ringworm

The Guide to Candida

Most women suffer from candida at one point or another in their life. Candida can alter your lifestyle and inhibit daily productivity and energy. If you think you might have a candida overgrowth it is important to act fast. There are different types of Candida, but the most common one is a yeast infection. A

Benefits of olive oil

Most of us have switched from using plain vegetable oil to olive oil for cooking. Olive oil is a lot more healthier than normal vegetable oil. Olive oil is made when the olives together with the seeds are ground into a paste. Water gets introduced to this paste very slowly and is stirred continuously. The