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Ozone Therapy and Athlete’s Foot

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Ozone Therapy and Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a skin infection in the foot caused by a fungus. The fungus that causes Athlete foot is called Trichophyton. When the feet, or other areas of the body, stay moist, warm and irritated, this fungus can thrive and infect the upper layer of the skin.

Athlete’s foot is caused by the ringworm fungus (“tinea” in medical jargon). Athlete’s foot is also called tinea pedis. The fungus that causes Athlete’s foot can be found on floors and in socks and clothing. The fungus can be spread from person to person by contact with these objects. However, without proper growing conditions (a warm, moist environment), the fungus will not infect the skin.

The symptoms of Athlete’s foot include itching and burning feet. The skin frequently peels and, in particularly severe cases, there may be some cracking, pain and bleeding as well. When the skin is injured by the fungus, bacteria can also invade the skin. These bacteria can cause a bad smell. Bacterial infection of the skin and resulting inflammation is known as cellulitis.

How can you prevent Athlete’s foot?

  • Keep your feet dry. This is especially important between the toes. When your at home, rather wear flip flops after a bath or after work.
  • Change your socks! Our feet perspires about 1cup of sweat per day. It is important to change your socks daily and to change socks after a workout.
  • Rotate your shoes. It is best to not wear the same pair of shoes two days (or more) in a row. Rotate between 3+ pairs of shoes each week.
  • Buy the right shoes. We tend to buy cheaper shoes. Yes, this works great for your budget, but not for our feet. Opt for more expensive and breathable shoes. Stay away from synthetic materials like vinyl, plastic and rubber.
  • Protect your feet when out and about. Do not walk or shower bare foot in public places. Wear shoes or waterproof sandals at all times. 9 out of 10 times, people with Athlete’s foot (or similar diseases) contracted it in a public place.
  • It’s best not to share. Never share shoes with someone else, even if it is family.
  • Pamper your feet. Looking after your feet should be one of your top 5 hygiene priorities. Clean and clip your toenails weekly. If you struggle with sweaty, stinky or itchy feet, use anti-fungal powder daily.

Ozone Therapy can help you fight those pesky fungal and bacterial infection. Ozone Therapy kills fungus and bacteria, fights inflammation, softens skin, removes toxins and impurities from the blood, improves blood circulation and improves your overall health. You can also try Ozonated Olive Oil Ointment to fight the symptoms of Athlete’s foot and most other skin diseases.

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Louise PyperOzone Therapy and Athlete’s Foot

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