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Benefits of olive oil

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Most of us have switched from using plain vegetable oil to olive oil for cooking. Olive oil is a lot more healthier than normal vegetable oil.

Olive oil is made when the olives together with the seeds are ground into a paste. Water gets introduced to this paste very slowly and is stirred continuously. The longer this mixture is stirred the more concentrated the oil will be, this will also give the oil a chance to absorb any additional flavours within the paste.

Olive oil is made all over the world, each with their own distinctive taste. Here are a few countries who supply olive oil and their characteristics:


  • Golden Yellow
  • Fruity, nutty flavour
  • 45% of the worlds olive oil is produced in Spain


  • Dark green
  • Herbal aroma and a grassy flavour
  • 20% of the worlds olives are grown in Italy


  • Green in colour
  • Strong flavour and aroma
  • 13% of.the worlds olive supplies are produced here


  • Pale in colour
  • Milder flavour


  • Light in colour
  • Light in flavour with a hint of fruit

Using olive oil rather than normal oil will improve your health drastically. Using olive oil on a regular basis have been proven to improve your cardiovascular system, lower chances of developing heart disease, may help prevent strokes, may reduce chances of breast cancer, may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and may even help against developing Alzheimer disease.

Then you also get Ozonated Olive Oil Ointment which helps heal most skin conditions. You can also combine the Ozonated Olive Oil Ointment with a session or two in an Ozone Steam Sauna. This will enhance the effects of the ointment. Ozonated Olive Oil Ointment may help get rid of Psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, insect bites, itching, bruises, bed sores, diaper rash, cradle cap, skin burns, cellulite, dry skin, muscular aces and pain and in some cases skin cancer. Please feel free to contact us here, if you are interested in buying Ozonated Olive Oil Ointment.

How will you be using olive oil?

Benefits of olive oil

Louise PyperBenefits of olive oil

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