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[WARNING] Ozone Sauna owners Beware of service and repair jobs!

Here at Salvagente we don’t just sell ozone saunas, we offer complete peace of mind whether you are in need of marketing support for your clinic, questions on specific diseases and even to keep you informed. This article is again a stark warning to any and all owners of ozone steam saunas. It came to


Carbon monoxide reduces stress

According to scientists, carbon monoxide (CO), a tasteless, colourless and odourless gas, is not only a danger to the environment but also highly toxic to human beings. Found in the exhaust of vehicles and generators, CO has been dubbed the silent killer because excessive inhalation is lethal, poisoning the nervous system and heart. [Take excessive

Unsafe Administering of Rectal Insufflation

It has come to our attention that unsafe and potential dangerous practices of Rectal Insufflations are taking place. Please be aware that not all ozone generators can be used for such therapy, and that you use the right equipment. This is the equipment that is needed (ozone generator and medical oxygen excluded in picture). Please

Medical Ozone – Miracle Cure?

Medical Ozone, words commonly misunderstood or misinterpreted. When this phrase is spoken, the ozone layer is mostly the first thing that comes to mind, although it is far from the truth.  Our atmosphere consists of various elements, such as carbon dioxide, a small percentage of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. Some of these are harmful and