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Unsafe Administering of Rectal Insufflation


It has come to our attention that unsafe and potential dangerous practices of Rectal Insufflations are taking place.
Please be aware that not all ozone generators can be used for such therapy, and that you use the right equipment.

This is the equipment that is needed (ozone generator and medical oxygen excluded in picture).

Please also ensure you use a medical grade Ozone generator connected to medical grade oxygen.

How to administer: “Rectal Insufflation is carried out either with the help of an ozone resistant syringe with attached catheter or using an ozone supply container and a silicone dosing bag with which, as a rule, 150ml to 300ml ozone/oxygen mixture are administered.  The container with valve lock is filled directly at the generator and connected to the dosing ball.  The dosing ball is connected to the catheter.  Both lines to and from the dosing ball are secured by non-return lock valves.  After opening the valve and the ozone supply bag, it is only necessary to press once to release the air out of the dosing ball and fill it automatically with the ozone mixture from the supply bag.  You can release 150ml by empting the ball once or 300ml by emptying it twice.
For small children you should only use 30 – 50 ml syringe for this application.”  Renate Viebahn-Hansler

For safe ozone benefits and results use hyperthermia ozone therapy using an ozone steam sauna.

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AdminUnsafe Administering of Rectal Insufflation

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  • Andre - February 12, 2014

    Already have a medical ozone machine / generator and medical oxygen cylinder brought in from abroad.

    I wish to know the cost of your insulflation kit in picture and can it be used for all modes of insulflation



  • Louise Pyper - February 13, 2014

    Hi there, Andre!

    We have a tab on our website completely dedicated to our insufflation kits, check it out here

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.

    Email us on or phone us on 072 422 1967

    Kind Regards

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