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What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye condition where the optic nerve of the eye is damaged and worsens over time. This is often associated with pressure building up inside the eye. There are no specific early stage symptoms of Glaucoma, thus it is very important to see your optometrist at least once a year. If Glaucoma is

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[FAQ] How Does Ozone Work

We often get asked the question how does ozone work in your body, specifically through the ozone steam sauna. We have decided to share this excerpt from Dr Velio Bocci’s book which is based on scientific research. This research also brings to light that the previous notion of ozone entering the body through open pores

InfoGraphic of Big Data in Healthcare

InfoGraphic of Big Data in Healthcare

As we can see from the infographic, diagnoses can be inaccurate and can lead to death. Although big data can play a mayor role in decreasing misdiagnosis, in return lowering healthcare costs and improving patient care, isn’t it our responsibility to ensure a holistic approach to our health and wellness. One such method is ozone

InfoGraphic in How Prepared Employers are When Disaster Strikes,

InfoGraphic in How Prepared Employers are When Disaster Strikes

When we look at the data from the info graphic, it’s clear that many employers aren’t prepared for disasters. Furthermore the data suggests that preparation are mostly done in disasters that typically made up a majority of cases years ago, like fire and burglaries. But in todays tech World more emphasis must be given to

InfoGraphic on Pet Fire Safety,

InfoGraphic on Pet Fire Safety

Wellness is a holistic view of one’s health and wellbeing, and here at Salvagente we address diets, relaxation therapies, health therapies like ozone sauna treatments, lifestyles and much more. Due to this holistic view, we are taking a look at pet safety, and for many people their pets are like family and will cause great

InfoGraphic on How to Properly use Sunscreen,

InfoGraphic on How to Properly use Sunscreen

The sun’s UV rays, an important factor for life, creating crucial Vitamin D for humans, but also a cause of cancer and sunburn. Here’s information on how to effectively apply sunscreen to protect you from the dangers the sun poses. If you are concerned about the negative effects excessive exposure to the sun might have

InfoGraphic on Cloning and stem cell research,

InfoGraphic on Cloning

Cloning, a controversial subject, yet a medical field which saved a lot of people through cell research and specifically stem cell treatment. When specific cells, even skin in a recent burn victim case, can be medically engineered it can save a life. As shown in the info graphic stem cells comes from research cloning and

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Flying is safer than visiting a Hospital

Millions of people die each year from medical errors and infections linked to health care, and going into hospital is far riskier than flying, the World Health Organization said. “If you were admitted to hospital tomorrow in any country, your chances of being subjected to an error in your care would be something like 1 in 10. Your

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Facts about STD’s

  To eliminate most bacteria, yeast, fungus and protozoa use the ozone sauna for ozone steam therapy treatment. __________________________________________________________________________ Which generation according to you is most at risk? __________________________________________________________________________ Follow us:  

Unsafe Administering of Rectal Insufflation

It has come to our attention that unsafe and potential dangerous practices of Rectal Insufflations are taking place. Please be aware that not all ozone generators can be used for such therapy, and that you use the right equipment. This is the equipment that is needed (ozone generator and medical oxygen excluded in picture). Please