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InfoGraphic on Cloning

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Cloning, a controversial subject, yet a medical field which saved a lot of people through cell research and specifically stem cell treatment. When specific cells, even skin in a recent burn victim case, can be medically engineered it can save a life. As shown in the info graphic stem cells comes from research cloning and can be genetically modified into various cells to replace damaged or dead cells in the body.

A more conservative and cost effective approach is to prevent cells from damaging or dying, this can be done by ensuring you have sufficient oxygen levels inside your body, getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. This is not an exhaustive list but a good starting point. Minerals can be obtained through multi-vitamin supplements, and higher levels of oxygen can be obtained through an ozone sauna. Activated oxygen (ozone) enters the body transdermally and inactivates viruses whilst boosting the immune system.

You can live a healthy life without the need to clone your cells.

InfoGraphic on Cloning and stem cell research,

AdminInfoGraphic on Cloning

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