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The health benefits of sleeping with your dog

If you have a dog you likely know that sleeping with your dog can provide comfort and a feeling of safety. However, did you know that there are actual physical benefits to sleeping with your pup? Many studies have been done regarding sleeping with your dog. One found that being in the presence of our

Ozone Therapy For Neuropathy

Any form of neuropathy refers to damage to a particular set of nerves. While different nerves may require different treatments, one commonality is that nerves need blood and oxygen, and any form of therapy that reintroduces these two things to nerves may promote your recovery from neuropathy. Ozone therapy introduces ozone, commonly made up of the

High Cholesterol and Ozone Therapy

Hypercholesterolemia (literally means high blood cholesterol) is the presence of high levels of cholesterol in the blood [1]. It is not a disease but a metabolic derangement that can be secondary to many diseases and can contribute to many forms of disease, most notably cardiovascular disease. It is closely related to the terms hyperlipidemia (elevated

[Testimonial] How Ozone Detoxes the Body

A few weeks ago we posted our FREE 1 Page Detox Colour Chart on our Facebook Page. Since then, we have been receiving interesting feedback regarding Ozone and detox. Ozone helps the body to get rid of impurities, viruses and bacteria. Sometimes after an ozone therapy session your body will leave behind a light residue on the towel that

Interesting facts about your body

Our bodies are complex and extraordinary vessels. Sometimes we need to stop and appreciate our bodies more. We are literally walking miracles. Humans have been curious about how the body works for centuries. The first exploration of the human anatomy was done in Egypt in 1600 BC. The Egyptians came as far as identifying organs

Got water?

The main ingredient in any diet should be water. Water is the source of all life and if anything is deprived of it, it will surely weaken and ultimately die. These are heavy words but they are true. We live in an evolved world and see sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks, tea and coffee as

How exercise makes you happy

Regular exercise can improve your overall health by 30%. Exercise will boost your self esteem, mood, energy, quality of sleep, reduce your risk of heart disease, stress, depression and Alzheimer’s. Here are a few proven medical benefits of exercise: Lower risk of breast cancer by up to 20% Lower risk of early death by up

Drink to your health!

Some of us prefer red and some of us prefer white. What may I be talking about? Wine of course! We all have our preferred colour and type of wine. Some of us prefer making our wine choices according to the food rather than having a select few favourites. But is it really good for

The long term effects of fast food

We all know that fast food is bad for us but still we can’t seem to resist the urge to buy it. And every time we do, we have some type of excuse “I needed a quick fix” “ I was late” “It’s ok, I didn’t upsize my meal”. None of these excuses are valid

Choosing the right shoe for any type of excercise

Choosing the right shoe for exercise is one of the most important things before engaging in a new sport. Having the right shoe will prevent injury and assist in preventing sore feet and/or knees. Firstly you need to find out what type of arch your foot has. There are three types of feet; low-arched feet,