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Ozone Therapy For Neuropathy

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Any form of neuropathy refers to damage to a particular set of nerves. While different nerves may require different treatments, one commonality is that nerves need blood and oxygen, and any form of therapy that reintroduces these two things to nerves may promote your recovery from neuropathy. Ozone therapy introduces ozone, commonly made up of the unstable O3 molecules, into the body to try and help treat illnesses or damages requiring oxygen.

Treatments rich with oxygen help damaged nerves

Nerves benefit vastly from cardiovascular and aerobic exercise, which promote blood flow and the circulation of oxygen in the body. Improving the flow of these two things to repair damaged nerves can have a bigger effect on neuropathy than any other treatment. Exercise isn’t always an option after experiencing neuropathy though, especially if you experienced peripheral neuropathy, which benefits the most from boosted oxygen flow and the associated healing.

It may treat the cause of neuropathy in some cases

Nerve damage can also happen when the area around a nerve is damaged, causing inflammation that presses on or cuts off a nerve. Oxygen can serve as an anti-inflammatory in certain circumstances or cases, reducing this swelling where other treatments may not effectively reach. Ozone therapy is based on medical grade oxygen used in hospitals, which has been used for a variety of medical reasons in the past and might benefit patients here.

Heal areas damaged by neuropathy

Advocates of ozone therapy point out that ozone therapy is excellent at various oxidising parts of the body. If you experience neuropathy, there’s a significant chance the damaged nerves are incapable of supporting the structure around your arteries, and the area develops hypoxia as the flow of oxygen is choked. Ozone therapy can introduce the oxygen these areas need back, steering around the chokepoints, and may help to heal the areas that have been inadvertently damaged.

Ozone therapy might be useful for treating any form of neuropathy. Because neuropathy refers to damaged nerves, and promoting a steady supply of blood and oxygen to the damaged area is the best way to increase the natural regenerative rate, it’s easy to surmise how ozone therapy might contribute to the healing process. Oxidising parts of the body damaged by neuropathy or hypoxia may serve to improve the health of those with these health conditions.

Ozone therapy will not only aid in the treatment of neuropathy, but has a vast array of other health benefits. Ozone therapy has over 100 health benefits and can drastically improve your overall health. So where can you go for ozone therapy? Well, you can visit an affiliated outlet in your area or you can buy your own ozone sauna and enjoy the benefits of ozone in the comfort of your own home.

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